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Nearby Restaurants

James Zhang
James Zhang of China, an advanced student in the Loyola Intensive English Program, has explored some of the many restaurants near the campus of Loyola University New Orleans. He will introduce you to these restaurants below.
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By Xiang "James" Zhang

Right within walking distance of the Loyola Intensive English Program, you can find many wonderful and diverse restaurants: Cajun, Chinese, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Thai, Vietnamese, and dessert. Loyola University New Orleans has an excellent dining room, the Orleans Room, but it's also good to get off-campus from time to time and try one of the many restaurants nearby. You can walk from Loyola to any of the restaurants below.

Audubon ClubhouseCajun 
6500 Magazine Street - 504-581-4629
This restaurant is open when the weather is nice. It is a buffet with such tasty foods as fried chicken, vegetables, fruits and cakes. There are waiters, who will take your order and collect your plate. Everything I have had at this restaurant had been perfect. If you like playing golf, you can do so after lunch. This restaurant is in the beautiful Audubon Park, just across Saint Charles Avenue from Loyola. But be careful when you order because this restaurant tends to be expensive.

Jazmine CafeVietnamese
614 South Carrollton Avenue - 504-866-9301
This Vietnamese restaurant is really good. It is inexpensive, but the food is delicious. I like the beef noodle soup, which costs eight dollars. The spring roll is also excellent. Other dishes I enjoy are grilled sliced pork, grilled shrimp, tofu and avocado, and jazmine seafood noodle.

Basil LeafThai
1438 South Carrollton Avenue - 504-862-9001
A favorite dish at this Thai restaurant is mussaman curry, a beef dish from southern Thailand. I also like mee crob, a dish of crispy rice noodles and a sweet sauce flavored with lemon or lime. This restaurant is a little expensive, but worth it.

1434 South Carrollton Avenue - 504-281-4127
This is not an expensive restaurant, but the food is very good. I recommend the shrimp quesadilla, the fajita mixta, and any burrito.

Vincent's Italian CuisineItalian
7839 Saint Charles Avenue - 504-866-9313
This restaurant has very good Italian food. Artichoke Vincent, corn & crabmeat bisque, shrimp fettucine, filet mignon, and herb crusted salmon are some favorites.

O’Henry’s - Irish and U.S. American
634 South Carrollton Avenue - 504-866-0002
O'Henry's is like an Irish pub serving U.S. American food, such as hamburgers and french fries. If you go there on your birthday, you can get free steak. I like wasabi roast beef and Miss Mary’s chicken salad.

Babylon CaféMiddle Eastern
7724 Maple Street - 504-314-0010
This restaurant is not expensive, but you can get a lot of food. The hummus is amazing!

Little TokyoJapanese
1340 South Carrollton Avenue - 504-485-5658
The sushi here is quite big but not expensive. This restaurant also has good ramen and beef bowl. My tutor, Daniel, goes to Little Tokyo often. He has lived in Japan and says that Little Tokyo has authentic traditional Japanese food that he likes very much.

Camellia GrillU.S. American
626 South Carrollton Avenue - 504-309-2679
I went to this restaurant recently. It was delicious. The western omelette with fries and hamburger was perfect and inexpensive. All the customers sit around a counter, and the cooks prepare the meal in front of you.

La MadeleineFrench
601 South Carrollton Avenue - 504-861-8662 
This is a French cafe. The French onion soup is especially delicious. The quiche Lorraine, the spinach quiche, and the croque monsieur are also very tasty. The desserts, too, are wonderful, especially the Sacher torte and the fruit tart.

China OrchidChinese and U.S. American
704 South Carrollton Avenue - 504-865-1428

This restaurant serves Chinese and U.S. American food. I enjoy the traditional Chinese seafood and eggs. The service in this restaurant is perfect.

Cold StoneIce Cream
624 South Carrollton Avenue - 504-218-8900
This ice cream store is very good. You can order several kinds of ice cream and toppings and mix them together.

As you see, there are many restaurants around the Loyola campus. These are just some of them. So if you come to Loyola, don't worry about the food. No matter where you are from, you can find food that you like around campus.

If you want to order food from these restaurants and eat it in your own room, you can do so through this link:

When the food is delivered, please remember to tip the delivery person. This is the U.S. American way! The tip should be about 15% of the cost of the food.

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Our thanks to James Zhang for acquainting us with so many wonderful places to eat off-campus. Our next blog post will introduce you to Loyola's photographer, Mr. Harold Baquet, and his passion for his work.

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