Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkins are a common sight at Halloween, often carved with scary or funny faces. On Wednesday, October 26, the students of the Loyola Intensive English Program (LIEP) prepared for Halloween by carving their own pumpkins.

Each student chose a pumpkin and a face pattern, drew the face pattern onto the pumpkin, carved the face, and scooped out the pumpkin's interior. Below, you see the students at work!

The students carve pumpkins together
Coco Zhang of China prepares to draw her face pattern
Luis Morales of Venezuela prepares to carve his pumpkin
Graciela Rodriguez of Venezuela gets ready to carve 
Elodie Lesage of France scoops out her pumpkin
James Zhang of China (left) and Edilberto Reis of Brazil (right) carve their pumpkins
After the work of carving, the students displayed their completed pumpkins. Below, you see the students displaying their work!
Coco Zhang of China with her carved pumpkin
Raul Amado of Panama with his carved pumpkin
Marietta Rivero-Quintal of Mexico with her carved pumpkin
Olena Kashirny of the Ukraine with her carved pumpkin
LIEP students with their carved pumpkins
Clockwise from top left: Kevin Li of China,  Luis Morales of Venezuela, Raul Amado of Panama,
Olena Kashirny of the Ukraine, Jinhee Lee of South Korea, Coco Zhang of China,
Edilberto Reis of Brazil

A huge thank-you to LIEP instructors Christina Indovina, Jess Haley, and Karla Sikaffy, who planned and oversaw the pumpkin carving. Christina and Jess also shopped for the pumpkins and carried them safely to our LIEP lounge on the third floor of Mercy Hall on Loyola's campus!
LIEP instructors Christina Indovina (left), Jess Haley (middle), and Karla Sikaffy (right)
Thank you to Christina, Jess, and Karla for creating this educational and fun pumpkin carving event and to the LIEP students for their enthusiastic participation!

Our next post will describe a Halloween grammar activity involving the home decorations in the neighborhood surrounding Loyola's campus.