Friday, May 11, 2012

Dramatic Performance: Horrible Bosses

Our previous post shared scenes from the first of two end-of-semester dramatic performances by students in the Advanced Listening/Speaking class of the Loyola Intensive English Program, taught by LIEP instructor Jess Haley. The first play was Complicated LoveThis post will share scenes from the second of the two plays, Horrible Bosses.


The titles of Best Actress and Best Actor were awarded to Horrible Bosses performers Sister Kim Dung Bui of Vietnam and to Andy Li of China. Look for Sister Kim Dung and for Andy in the scenes below!


In Horrible Bosses, three unreasonable bosses create problems for their employees -- until the employees become fed up and plot revenge!

Below, the first horrible boss rages at his employee for being just two minutes late for work.
Alicia Lucidi of France as employee and Andy Li  of China as boss
The second horrible boss makes unreasonable demands of his employee.
Inajara Da Costa Nunes of Brazil as employee and Alex Ajavi as boss 
The third horrible boss is furious at his employee for rearranging the office furniture. He has forgotten that he moved the furniture himself!
Fahad Almutairi of Kuwait as boss and Sister Kim Dung Bui of Vietnam as employee 
Finally, the three employees meet to discuss their horrible bosses. They decide to invite their bosses to a party where they will serve food that will make their bosses sick, thus getting their revenge!
Sister Kim Dung Bui of Vietnam, Inajara Da Costa Nunes of Brazil, and Alicia Lucidi of France as the employees meeting to plot revenge on their horrible bosses

A big thank-you to the students of the Advanced Listening/Speaking class and to LIEP instructor Jess Haley for presenting two exciting plays: Complicated Love and Horrible Bosses!

Our congratulations to Best Actress Sister Kim Dung Bui of Vietnam and to Best Actor Andy Li of China!

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