Friday, July 12, 2013

Good Advice from Our Students!

Our Advanced Reading Class at the Loyola Intensive English Program (LIEP) began the summer session with a Chicago Tribune article by Mary Schmich titled "Advice, Like Youth, Probably Just Wasted on the Young." After reading the article, LIEP students wrote their own advice for young people. Here is what they said!

Angélica Aguirre of Ecuador
Don't worry about pimples. Your skin is only a shell.
The important part is inside.

Dalal Alokla of Saudi Arabia
 Take advantage of the experience of elders.

Felix Garmendia of Venezuela
 It's advisable to learn something new every day.

Emanuel Priva of Haiti
If you want to improve your English,
read daily at least 10 pages of any book
and do your best to be very familiar
with all unknown words you might see during your reading.

Sorapon "Gorn" Witchurungsee of Thailand
Be creative.
Think outside the box in a positive way.
If you want to distinguish yourself from others,
try to make your work creative.

Rosa Cevallos of Ecuador
The best things in the world are free
(sun, air, breeze, starry nights, a good nap),
so enjoy them!

Alaa Mufti of Ssaudi Arabia
TV eats too much time. Don't channel surf.
Know what you want to watch. Watch it.
Go do something else.
If you want to channel surf in order to find a new show,
read a TV Guide instead.

Many thanks to the Advanced Reading Class for these excellent pieces of advice--not only for young people, but for any age!

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