Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Learning about Love

The Intermediate Listening & Speaking class of the Loyola Intensive English Program has just completed a unit on love. We have discussed ways of meeting a lifelong partner, benefits of marrying and of remaining single, advantages and disadvantages of marrying someone from a different culture or religion, and even the science behind the hormones associated with love.

Earlier this week, each student gave a presentation to the class on some aspect of love. Below are summaries of three very interesting presentations.

Mr. Dong-Joo Lee of Korea spoke about four signs that can help us know when we are in love. To know if we are in love with someone, Dong-Joo explained that we can ask ourselves these four questions.

  • Do I find myself speaking habitually about him or her?
  • Do I want him or her to be with me to share experiences?
  • Do I desire to give gifts to him or her?
  • Do I find myself waiting for him or her to call me on the telephone?

If the answer to these questions is yes, said Dong-Joo, then I am in love.

Ms. Katya Dashkovskaya of Russia spoke about the love of fans for their team or idol. Katya described fans' state of mind, as fans seek to wear clothes featuring their team or idol, to imitate their idol's appearance, and even to know their idol's biography better than their own life story! Katya distinguished between two kinds of fans.

  • Quiet fans meet to talk together about their idol.
  • Destructive fans may break objects and injure people to show their loyalty to a sports team.

Ms. Zoe Lu of China told the true story of the Australian kangaroo Lulu, who was found orphaned on the road and taken in by a human family. The human family loved Lulu, and Lulu loved her human family. One day, Lulu demonstated her love when a family member suffered a life-threatening injury. Lulu screamed to call the attention of others, and she used her legs to hold her injured loved one in a safe position. Zoe saw this true story as an illustration of the proverb: One good turn deserves another.

Thank you to Dong-Joo Lee of Korea, to Katya Dashkovskaya of Russia, and to Zoe Lu of China for excellent presentations on very different aspects of love!

Mr. Dong-Joo Lee of Korea, Ms. Katya Dashkovskaya of Russia, Ms. Zoe Lu of China

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